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701 Fixed Lite

701 Awning Window

The 701 fixed lite windows provide a stylish look to add charm and year round comfort to any home.

Superior Performance and Enhanced Comfort

See performance chart.


Use geometric shapes to personalize your home and create your identity. These windows are maintenance free and have dual duro meter glass stops.


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Foam Filled

Insulated frame and sash is the most cost effective way to improve the thermal performance of your window.

Interior Colors

In solid colors of white and beige or select one of our two woodgrains to add your own unique personal touch.

Exterior Colors

In solid colors of white and beige or select one of our AquaSurTech colors. This is a well-tested and field proven coating system that provides outstanding protection against all weather conditions and assures long lasting satisfaction. AquaSurTech is an organic waterborne coating system and has been tested to AAMA and ASTM standards.

Internal Grids

Internal grids are an easy way to beautify your home giving it individuality and curb appeal. Available in colonial, prairie and custom patterns.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

A non-removable feature added to the exterior and interior of windows to give a traditional look.