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3151 Patio Doors

751 Casement

The Northern Classics 3151 patio door has a rigid vinyl exterior and a wood interior. Giving you a maintenance free exterior and the opportunity to paint or stain the interior to match any decor.


Made with double strength glass. Easy cleaning, maintenance free, adjustable rollers, double weather strip, and dual durometer glass stops.


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Wood Interior

Available in pine or oak which may be stained to match any decor.

Exterior Colors

In solid colors of white and beige or select one of our AquaSur Tech colors. This is a well-tested and field proven coating system that provides outstanding protection against all weather conditions and assures long lasting satisfaction. AquaSur Tech is an organic waterborne coating system and has been tested to AAMA and ASTM standards.

Internal Grids

Internal grids are an easy way to beautify your home giving it individuality and curb appeal. Available in colonial, prairie and custom patterns.